Welcome to the SourScript open source project!


Q: What is SourScript?
A: SourScript is a REPL (Read - Eval - Print Loop) developed just for fun.

Q: What is an "open source" project?
A: An open source project is a project in which the source code of the program is available to everyone, and the final product is, of course, free to use.

Q: What programming language is SourScript written in?
A: SourScript is written in Python 2.7.4.

Q: How can I edit the code?
A: You simply download the source code, edit it, compress it, and send it to me at I approve the changes you've made and I add them to the final, working product.

Q: Is the code really advanced stuff? Can I understand it easily?
A: Not really. The code is very simple and well-commented, though it is not recommended for beginners in Python.

Q: How can I run SourScript on a Mac?
A: The Mac OS X version is done. You simply download and run the program (check for the link at the bottom of this page).

Editing the source code

When editing the source code, there are some things you must keep in mind:
1. Firstly, try and understand how the program works; make sure to completely understand how the other commands are made before you go ahead and make a new one.
2. If you wish to add a new command, just make a function in the correct code block (according to the comments), and also add it to the "functions" dictionary (also see step 1). DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING INSIDE THE "command_handler" FUNCTION. If you wish to add a command that takes more than three arguments, send me an email at
3. If you add a new command, make sure to also add it in the helpstring.
4. DO NOT add your name in the "developers" list. I will take care of that. Also, DO NOT change the "current_ver" variable. I will take care of that, too.
5. Try to comment your code as good as you can. It's no use if nobody can understand what it does.

Notes / Updates

EDIT 24/06/2013: I've literally spent the whole day trying to find a way to make SourScript available on Mac OS X, and I still haven't found practically anything. Anyway, version 2.7 is under construction, with a major update that involves SourScript for Windows, the source code and, hopefully, SourScript for Mac OS X (if I find a way to do it), all updated to 2.7. Stay tuned!

EDIT 02/07/2013: FINALLY, I have succeeded in making a SourScript version for Mac OS X. FINALLY. I know I'm probably sounding pretty ridiculous but it took me A LOT of time. Anyway, the Mac OS X version, as well as the Windows version and the source code will all be up once the update is finished. Their version (the one I'm currently working on) will be 2.7.

EDIT 11/07/2013: Version 2.7 is UP! Go download it! Available for Windows AND Mac OS X!


You can download both the finished product and the source code here.

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