Monday, May 13, 2013

Return Of The Dead - RotD Update #1

Heyyyy!!! How's it going? So, quite some time ago, I started developing an FPS game in Flash, and it...hasn't made much progress. And that's because its creation was poorly timed with my everyday schedule. But let me tell you the whole story.

The whole idea to make this game came from a "test project" I had done in Flash, which was finished around November of 2012 from what I can recall. I wanted to make an FPS, but I had tried again back in 2011 and failed miserably because of the lack of knowledge (especially in programming). So, having tried many other programming languages, around late December of 2012 I thought of building upon this "fps test" file, and that was the birth of "Return of the Dead". I decided to make a game with zombies because that made the game production a lot easier in many ways, and that decision was quite wise, if you consider the people working on the project (it's only me, lol).

Unfortunately, I stopped working on the game around January of 2013, because my vacation ended, and with the school work and all being at least two times harder than last year (that's quite normal actually lol) I made my last additions to the game and then stopped completely working on it.

So, with my easter vacation the last two or three weeks, I had some time to add stuff. The only thing that gets in the middle now are my finals. Theoretically, I have the whole summer to work on the game. I say theoretically, because my finals end in 14th of June, and three weeks of July will be lost because of school summer classes which, unfortunately, are mandatory and of great importance for next year. The other thing is my band; we will possibly be working on our own songs. Finally, there is my channel, to which I came back actually in December 2012, and I don't want to leave it again for a long time.

With these being said, let me give you an update: The basics, meaning the gun, the HUD, the controls and everything, are ready. The menu is also almost ready, I just need to finish a couple of things, which are minor additions and stuff like that. The part of the game I haven't worked on contains picking up items, which I have not tried before and therefore I'm not sure if it will work the way I have in mind to make it, and this is mostly about programming. The last thing I have to do is make sure that the navigation system works, but I think this will be very easy, since I have done it in the past and I know it works.

So, thanks for reading! I also keep an update log, which I'm currently thinking about releasing, but for now, here's the logo of the game and a picture of the main menu:

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